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Caitlin Prolonged is a Wall Street expert with 22 many years of encounter like functioning Morgan Stanley’s pension options small business. Recently, Prolonged wrote an posting about the financialization of cryptocurrency by Wall Street entities, describing the new initiative by ICE (operator of the New York Inventory Trade) to launch a new Bitcoin industry termed Bakkt as a “double-edged sword.”

Prolonged spoke with CCN on financialization in crypto, describing two kinds of financialization, 1 of which increases liquidity through new buyers like institutional buyers and is beneficial to the area.

“In the superior context, liquidity is improving upon mainly because an asset’s trader base is growing—new buyers are coming in, primarily institutional buyers.”

Cryptocurrency pundits have prolonged been awaiting the arrival of institutional buyers with the deep pockets expected to bolster the industry cap, and with custodianship and other common economical infrastructure becoming place in put that seems to attract ever nearer.

There is, even so, a 2nd variety of financialization.

Leverage Financialization Mirrors Fractional Reserve Banking

Leverage financialization also increases liquidity, but it does so artificially.

“In the adverse context, it implies liquidity is improving upon but it is coming from the poor type of leverage—paper promises to an asset that aren’t backed by the asset itself, or “circulation credit” as economist Ludwig von Mises phone calls it,” suggests Prolonged.

She goes on to describe a system of developing value out of slim air that given that the 2008 economical disaster has grow to be all way too familiar.

“The issue is that there is seriously no theoretical restrict on how significantly “paper bitcoin” can be produced, and paper bitcoin can offset bitcoin’s scarcity—we’ve watched that take place in commodities marketplaces and credit score derivatives marketplaces, in which paper variations of the asset can suppress the fundamental asset’s value by offsetting the serious-world shortage of the asset, these as gold and silver.”

“Bitcoin’s largest defense is that most bitcoins are stored off the Web, which will make it tough for Wall Street to supply the genuine bitcoins and therefore keep a useful lid on how significantly leverage-primarily based financialization can take place to bitcoin,” she provides.

Prolonged details to a new incident with the Hong Kong-primarily based trade OKEx as a ideal example of how introducing what equates to fractional reserve banking to crypto can go mistaken.

“Exhibit A is what transpired with Hong Kong-primarily based OKEx this 7 days, in which a significant futures deal (well worth far more than $400 million) finished up with these a massive reduction that it threatened the exchange’s solvency mainly because the reduction eaten all of OKEx’s ensure fund, so the trade haircut its other customers’ gains in buy to continue to be in small business (a “bail-in”),” she explained, continuing:

“It’s clear that OKEx was developing unbacked promises to bitcoin, or this could not have transpired. A economical establishment would only ever want a ensure fund if it is developing fractionally-reserved assets. In other words, a economical establishment that is fully collateralized—fully backed by the asset towards which it results in a paper claim—would under no circumstances want a ensure fund. Interestingly, ICE’s press release noted that Bakkt would be starting up a ensure fund as very well. So there it is, in basic sight.”

The Wall Street exec went on to stage out that fractional reserve banking does not only happen in which the Federal Reserve results in income from nothing at all, describing how most of the credit score produced given that the 1980s has been produced in securities marketplaces, not in the common banking method.  Securities industry credit score is in the kind of paper to assets, normally piled on prime of other paper promises to assets, just as banking method credit score is.

“And this is what I get worried will take place to bitcoin—paper promises, piled on paper promises, piled on paper promises to the genuine bitcoin.”

ICE CEO Does not Realize Bitcoin

NYSE bitcoin
ICE, the operator of the NYSE, is launching a bitcoin industry.

Prolonged fears that ICE, the operator of the New York Inventory Trade, will be a vital participant in the financialization of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, and that the benefits may perhaps not be very. ICE will be launching a bodily-backed bitcoin futures deal, as very well as a total-highlighted “bitcoin industry.”

She did not mince words when it arrived to the statements made by ICE CEO Jeffrey Sprecher, stating that he does not have a superior knowledge of the cryptocurrency.

“It was odd for the CEO to talk about bringing belief and transparency to Bitcoin, when Bitcoin does not want both mainly because it has presently attained both.”

Prolonged went on to make clear that through the Bakkt startup, ICE would check out to generate liquidity by setting up exchanges for economical instruments and then accumulate fees and lend out client collateral in securities lending/repo marketplaces.

“Clearinghouses rehypothecate—lend out—client collateral several instances, forming prolonged collateral chains in which several get-togethers report that they individual the extremely same, one asset. This is 1 of the ways securities marketplaces engage in a kind of fractional reserve banking, and you can not detect it by examining a clearinghouse’s economical statements mainly because repo accounting will allow every get together to report that they individual the asset—but there is only 1 asset!

So, it is subtle. The devil is normally in the particulars of clearinghouse collateral arrangements, but almost all clearinghouses rehypothecate collateral and I’ll be fascinated to see if Bakkt options to do this for its bitcoin collateral,” she concluded. “Net-web, bitcoin holders have serious explanation to cheer ICE’s entry but also serious explanation to be involved about it.”

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