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South Korean regulators and officers are probable to relax their solution to regulating cryptocurrencies, beginning with classifying them as ‘financial assets’.

There is a July deadline looming for G20 nations after policymakers referred to as for suggestions for regulating cryptocurrencies, noticed as ‘financial assets’ by the economic leaders from the world’s twenty biggest economies.

South Korea’s regulators, nevertheless, have previously classified cryptocurrencies as ‘non-economic assets’ thanks to their speculative mother nature. It is getting to be significantly evident that Korea is probable to change its stance with a friendlier policy as the country’s economic watchdog claims to “improve things” on the regulatory entrance.

As described by the Korea Moments, the Financial Supervisory Services (FSS) –  Korea’s economic watchdog – acknowledged the G20’s unified stance meant that Korea would have to change its policy, stating:

“It’s pretty much certain that cryptocurrencies will be classified as assets and the primary issue will be centered on how to regulate them appropriately below the unified frame that will be agreed on involving G-20 nations. Offered the recent stance [in Korea], this isn’t good, but we will step up efforts to improve items.”

The statement falls in line with the latest remarks from Yoon Suk-heun, the new governor of the FSS, who said that an interior examine on cryptocurrencies identified ‘positive features’ that could lead to relaxed regulations in the near future.

“Regarding cryptocurrencies, there are some positive aspects…” FSS chief Yoon said during his ceremonial swear-in previous 7 days. Notably, the FSS was the identical authority to have out a ban buy that completely curtailed initial coin offerings (ICOs) in the nation in September 2017.

These positive developments for the cryptocurrency area arrive at a time inside of months of a legislative exertion by Korean lawmakers who are drafting a invoice to legalize the start of new cryptocurrencies and ICOs in the nation.

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