Cures Token


CURES Token is a universal ecosystem of services available to all – patients, healthcare providers and those working in the field of medical tourism, by offering a combination of unique features including payment and settlement at minimum cost, unrivalled business opportunities including selling en-masse, fundraising interest free, trading contracts for future work (medical futures), storing and trading with medical records, digital health-aiding apps, as well as an element of corporate social responsibility through the charitable trust fund.


Paul Baron
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Stoyan Angelov
Founder & CEO at Evedo
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david richardson
Owner, RV Projects (Europe) Limited
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George Chisuse
Chief Legal Officer and Co-Founder at
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Barry Plechowicz
Martial Artist, Blockchain lover, History Buff
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Stefan Krastev
Co-Founder at CURES Token
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David Bonev
Co-Founder and CFO at CURES Token/ Corporate Director at CreditCommerce Private Banking
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Vasil Alyoshin
Digital nomad, serial entrepreneur, specialising in e-marketing and e-commerce, as well as the blockchain technology. ICO co-founder and crypto mining farm owner
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Aleksandar Aleksandrov
Co-founder and CTO at CURES Token
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Liudmil Blagoev, MD
Surgeon at University Hospital and National Emergency Center "N.I. Pirogov"
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Mario Evlogiev, MD
MD - General Practitioner
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Ivan Chorbadzhakov
Master's degree at Medical university Plovdiv
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Stoycho P. Stoychev
Associate Professor
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Nedyalko Ruskov
Manager in healthcare & cryptocurrency investor
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Sergio Espinosa
CTIO at ACKADIA S.A.S BlockChain Evangelist | Innovation Consultant | Agrotech Disruption | Litro de Luz
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Julia Stoyanova
Student at Medical University Plovdiv
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Alen Popovich
Co-Founder; Digital Content, PR and Marketing Lead at InChainZ
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Plamen Sakaliyski
Co-Founder & Chief Creative Technologist & Business Design and Strategy Lead at InChainZ
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Daniel Vasilev
I am Tech Adventurer | Backend Lead & Decentralized Application Specialist at InChainZ
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Yasen Rachev
Marketing Strategist, Creative Technologist & Community Manager at InChainZ; Graphic Designer, Photographer
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Angel Demirev
Front End Developer at StudioX
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Daniel Lazarov
Website Designer at Web Publishing House JSC
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Agnes Bak
senior graphic designer; shirt designer of the year 2017 - Athletic DNA -Tennis Performance
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Raghav Sawhney
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  • Start Date December 1, 2018
  • End Date April 30, 2019
  • Token ERC20
  • Token Price 1 CURES = 0.001 ETH
  • Soft Cap 2000 ETH
  • Hard Cap 175000 ETH
  • Whitelist / Kyc KYC