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November 29, 2017, London, United Kingdom – BeeSocials is not your average fintech startup, it is exploiting another largely untapped area of a huge market that is the sharing economy which, according to a report by PwC, is currently worth $15 billion, and expected to grow to whopping $335 billion by 2025.

The company is creating a global ‘meetups’ and social events platform, leveraging blockchain technology to provide a secure, transparent and reliable solution while reducing platform fees by 90% compared to what current guests & hosts around the world pay with websites such as and AirBnB experiences. There have been some ICOs using blockchain technology for only ticketing, but BeeSocials is the first to provide a truly complete solution including: Ticketing, event listing, advertising/traffic, payment processing and they also plan to offer liability insurance for hosts.

This unique and exciting ICO has attracted an Investment banking CEO and US attorney onto their advisory board. Mr Morgan Deane is the Chief Executive Officer of the Baader Helvea Group, an international investment bank, based in Zurich, with responsibility for business operations in Europe, North America and Asia Pacific. Previously he held Vice President roles at JPMorgan and Bear Stearns covering Investment Banking, Fund Servicing, Derivatives & Distressed Debt businesses in Europe & Asia-Pacific. Morgan is a US Attorney, admitted to the Federal and Supreme Court (New York) and is a regular speaker & writer on matters of International Regulation & International Corporate Law. He sits on the Boards of financial companies Switzerland, the UK and the US, and acts as a strategic advisor to investment firms in the Middle East and start-up companies in Europe.

BeeSocials will be launching their ICO on January 6th 2018, but their pre-ICO has just started, where they are offering early contributors a 40% bonus with no minimum contribution rules. They have also taken into account the recent increase in Ethereum price and therefore, for 1ETH you will receive 1300 BEE tokens + bonus.

The BEE token will be central to the platform used for ticketing, paying fees and other services provided by third party vendors. The token will also be also be used for ‘tipping’ hosts, escrow services and dispute resolution.  Blockchain technology will further provide a transparent layer of trust within the community with the feedback system being directly linked to the transactions allowing for easier and clearer dispute resolution between hosts and guests.

BeeSocials has found a great balance of ensuring the platform is open to non-crypto currency holders to accelerate the uptake but also create demand for the BEE token and its rapid adoption by placing a 15% fee on FIAT transactions on the platform verses only a 2% for the BEE token to cover service costs. If this wasn’t enough, they will be burning 25% of the tokens used within the platform.

This under the radar ICO is truly a diamond in the rough, currently applying Blockchain technology and cryptocurrency in a market that has been doubling in recent times and what’s even more fascinating is that they are first to market with such a platform with no direct competition.

They are attempting to raise a realistic amount, with a low soft cap of 1000 ETH and a funding goal of 20000 ETH, with the hard cap being determined by the limited number of tokens to be around 50-60000 ETH. BeeSocials has also confirmed listing of a token upon successful ICO with a major exchange and more are due to follow this.

They already have a working prototype used for market validation. They have a number of hosts ready to board the new platform and they’re also talking to a number of partners to work with.

Investors are putting their money into the sharing economy, with over $28 million being invested every day and 37% of the start-ups in this industry are VC funded.

So if you’d like to invest in the future, not only in cryptocurrency but in a business in the fastest growing industry then join us for the official crowd sale on January 6th 2018. Go to  to register your interest now!

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